Thursday, 19 April 2018

Skiping months and flipping lace samples...

Skipping lots and loads of news and insights here is what is on my table now - lace!
I will be back with news and almost a year of pictures soon. I now have to say good buy to a cold and get back to sewing. So here are my little joys on lace form for the week!

Spring brought new lace samples and new projects for the newest laces here. And what a better way to get back to lingerie than lace!

So here is a glimpse and details follow!

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Waking the blog up!

Bonboneva Jewel Bikini Style Knickers
Hello! I am not quite sure anyone missed the blog after such a long break. It basically disappeared.
It wasn't an intentional break actually, but absolutely natural one. So many things happened in the last seven months, it feels like a year since I last post in late January.

To mention a few of the things that took place, a big moving of the studio plus completely reorganizing it, great reorganization of my work routine too, a well-deserved and still on-going shift to a bit calmer schedule, a short run-away to a colorful place I never though I will visit soon, and sewing many of these beauties shown above - the Jewel Bikini Style Knickers. Well, these are just some of the new things and I do enjoy each of them!

However I miss the blog, and the way it gives thought and plans a calmer and straight-forward manner. Well, I know this isn't obvious, but it works for me. I will dwell on organization/plans part in a separate post soon. I hope, I will manage to come back to the blog, and the newsletter!, in a consistent manner this autumn. Meanwhile, welcome to Instagram where I share daily bits form time to time. Being the quickest of all communication means, I use, Instagram become my favourite single media this summer.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Happy New Year!

It's high time I wished you a happy new year on the blog!
Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best in 2017!

It started with fireworks right in front our windows and its first minutes looked amazing!

New Year fireworks 2017

I have to admit, I promised myself I will be a good blogger in 2017 and not miss a week. I had to miss a few though. It was the coolest January in 50 years here. So definitely the coldest I have seen. This changed some things here for me. We rarely had a whole week of show in the last couple of years and hardly four weeks in total in the last five winters as far as I can remember. Well, we had a snowy January this year! We had roads closed and my city - Varna - was hard to reach for a week. Train was the only transport reaching it. I had to ship some orders later as Posts were not able to transport any mail and walk to buy everything /including new fabrics/ as I was not able to drive for a week /and park the car for another two weeks/. So unexpectedly the ice outside changed daily routines and tasks a lot and made me spend more time on thing I usually do much faster. It hasn't snowed for a few weeks now and still the fields are all white, as seen last weekend:

snowy fields January 2017

On a brighter side, the shop got new additions and I do love them a lot too. I was working on some pieces for months and finally finished, or almost finished them this January. New projects are on their way and February promises more news, which is absolutely exciting! These deep blue hipsters are one of the lingerie pieces in the shop - cotton and simple lines, a combination I love:

deep blue hipsters - new in bonboneva lingerie shop January 2017

To make things even better, Valentine's sale is in the shop! It will save you 25% on most lingerie pieces and this includes sets too! It will be in the shop for a week now. Please note it is a bit too late to get your orders by Valentines now if you are outside Europe and maybe a bit risky if you are in Europe. Still more lingerie is always fun, so I decided to keep the sale going.

Valentine's sale on most lingerie pieces in Bonboneva Lingerie on Etsy

I will be back here with more details on January projects in February.
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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Happy Holiday Season Shopping! Happy 81% saving deals!

It's been a busy November here and I will talk about later. I just have to tell you about a special Etsy event first! Combined with the 38% sale in my shop it results in 74% saving!

Etsy is giving all new shopper a special welcome gift. 

Etsy Welcome gift to new buyers


All first-time buyers will get $10 credit for a future purchase till Jan 31st 2017. To qualify, they need to make their first purchase of at least $50 /one purchase in one shop, sum prior tax & shipping./ You can see the original Etsy announcement below and full details on

Between December 6 and 12, 2016, first-time Etsy buyers who spend $50 at one shop will receive a $10 credit toward a future Etsy purchase. Qualifying buyers will receive an email with instructions for redeeming their credit two to four days after making their purchase. The offer is limited to one per person while the promotion lasts, and credits must be redeemed by January 31, 2017.

One can get the welcome credit in any shop, any time till Dec 12th.

Huge saving  on bonboneva  lingerie 81%

I am inviting you to my shop as with 38% saving, by purchasing lingerie for $50, you get $30 immediate saving plus $10 from Etsy. This is over 81% saving!

Happy shopping!

Bonboneva 38% Sale

Bonboneva Lingerie sale 38% deal you can make 81% now

The sale in the shop is still live. I was so busy, I didn't announce it here, so if you haven't seen the details here they are - you get 38% saving on most of the lingerie pieces in the shop! This goes on top of Halloween and Sample sales too! The sale is in it final week now. So hurry if you want to get the deal.

I was busy completing my lovely customer's orders and my sewing table got festive with all the jewel tones on it. I felt so fortunate to sew vibrant satins this November! Get yours now! And if you are a first time Etsy buyer /you have an Etsy account you never shopped with/, make the saving 74%!

Have a fried you want to share this deal with? Send them this post! Or share it with Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook... see the little buttons below.

Christmas gifts

As Christmas is around the corner, if you would like to get a sale lingerie piece as a Christmas gift, please let me know while purchasing. I can not guarantee delivery by Christmas, it is still possible, but not guaranteed. So I will send you a beautiful card on file to print and present on the day you need and you can present the lingerie when it arrives.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Quick October Update

I hope your last week of October was great. Mine wasn't. I will briefly sum it up here and hopefully get back to you tomorrow with a newsletter. If you haven't subscribed to it yet, do it now as all holiday deals will get published on the newsletter! I think they will be newsletter exclusive.

white roses on October day

This week's newsletter got skipped, as we lost my dad and it was impossible to get all things done and have my thought on a newsletter. I had great and exciting holiday news to share. However most of them felt so inappropriate at the very moment.

On a brighter note - orders are getting prepared as usually. They now get new little tags too.

bonboneva new little tags

It felt a bit strange at first but I started working on my new products today too. Sewing feels good with all the beautiful lace and fabric I usually work with...

Well, this is the brief last week of October recap. See you in November!

PS  The Halloween sale is still in the shop, so if you have pirates on your list, go and check it. Do not forget to subscribe for the newsletter to get special holiday deals!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Disco Craze in the Lingerie Drawer. Because Even the Most Stylish Lady is a Crazy Happy Girl Too!

The craziest fabric so far - black, rainbow, velvet and sparkling

I saw this fabric while looking for something else. It was bold and strange and.. so unstylish - black, velvet, rainbow and sparkles... definitely not a thing a lady would choose. It had nothing to do with sophisticated, elegant or statement. Not in the good sense at least. It lucked the subtle delicacy of powder, blush, cream and all the lady-like tones you can think of. It hasn't the character and boldness of a true red or stylish blue, nor the classic of pure black. Not even the modern look of mustard, lime or noble grey... black with velvet and a rainbow of sparkles... so... decadent.

Crazy lingerie - a rainbow of sparkles on your knickers by bonboneva

And I passed on them. But it had left an imprint in my mind so I got what I was for and then bough a bit of this fabric. Why? A saw disco lights, a bit primitive but glorious colour, the lights dancing on the sea waves on a summer night and the sparkles of a kids' kaleidoscope, so I was giving it a try.

I saw a woman taking off here elegant clothes and dancing in comfy cotton knickers and a favourite light shirt with the music she loves after a long busy day and before a lovely evening.

a rainbow of sparkles on your knickers by bonboneva

The fabric came with me - just for a test sewing - and got piled with other make-later-this-summer sewing projects fabrics. When I got to it and saw it sewn I decided to make some soft bras and knickers sets. The fabric was all gone however. Someone/s/ has bought all of it. I think it was for the kaleidoscope part!

Crazy rainbow knickers with velvet swirls by bonboneva lingerie

So just knickers /and just a few too/ are in the shop now. They will be sewn just for you in your size and measures as always. However in limited quantity. It is just the test metres.

Get them if you like them! Be happy and dancing and allow them remind you how crazy you are inside, under the refined manners and stylish look. The vibrant selves we hide so often glow quietly under, and despite, everything. Or because of it! And they glow more beautifully if allowed to go on the outside. Sometimes.

Wishing you a great business week and a fantastic weekend!

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Hello Satin French Knickers!

There is something magical about French knickers. Have you noticed it? It might be the casual feel, it might be the comfort, or the special retro vibes... They speak "feeling good in one's skin", and looking good too! Wear them while sleeping and be embraced by the air. Wear them while relaxing and feel even more beautiful, wear them under skirt and let the wind play with it - you will be covered, or enjoy the lace edge showing by accident - such a  great romantic detail... Which other style can offer all of these?

So here they are - the satin ones - trimmed with gorgeous Italian lace.
Satin French knickers trimmed with Italian lace by bonboneva lingerie Christmas collection

This lace is gorgeous - deep colour, vivid texture, soft material. Italians do know the recipes of a lovely lace! This is wхy I work mostly with Italian lace and fabric. I have seen so many beautiful lace samples and not all of them are soft enough to deserve becoming part of a lingerie piece. Beauty is not enough, soft touch is a must!

So I decided to use the same gorgeous lace with all beautiful shades of satin I have. You can see the palette below and I am so happy the grey lace looks great with each of them! So the knickers are available in 12 more colours! Pink named Pink Sapphire is omitted below.
satin fabrics palette autumn 2016 bonboneva lingerie atelier

To make it even more colour specific, as I do know how important colour is, the bow colour is up to you! I will add a bow in a colour that is special to you.  I will help you with options if choosing the colour is not your think or will surprise you if you prefer this.

I was a bit unsure which of the beautiful colours to choose for the start. This navy one spoke autumn to me - it is dark, so to contrast skin getting less sun and getting paler. It has enough character too - not the classic, but also predictable black, and still real class.
Satin French knickers trimmed with Italian lace by bonboneva lingerie Christmas collection - detail

I was cutting black satin for another lingerie piece so black ones were born.

Satin French Knickers in Black and grey lace by bonboneva lingerie
There is one thing I am not sure of, which ones I love more - the cotton satin ones with no lace, or the ones I just showed you with this intricate lace. Fortunately I have both styles. So I will see.

Do you like lace on a sleeping French knickers pair? What are you drawn to - cotton or the sparkling, satin shown here?

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