Monday, 1 February 2016

The Colours to Start a February With!

Happy February!

Just a quick post about my perception of colour to celebrate the February sun today!

Colour is amazing! So many options, so many looks, so many moods it conveys!
I am always happy to work with colour and adding colour to lingerie was actually one of the main reasons I started making my own lingerie. I love having brilliant, vivid colours, and I adore delicate noble ones too. What I love even more is having them in the styles and sizes I need.

So adding more colour to the lingerie I make for bonboneva is something I was waiting for. The right time to add it, was the time I managed to do it - it was something to be done asap.

I am sewing satin this week and these are some of the satin colours, I am playing with. More to come shortly.
new satin colour options

Which is your favourite colour of these?

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