White Satin Bra in Woven Fabric with Handmade Bra Closure

This is one of the most special bras I have made. It is all satin and this means all woven fabrics!
It features the lovely satin fabric I use for bonboneva satin knickers, one of the best selling products in the shop. It has a very special retro look. I made it starting with a pattern I wanted to try for so long and only used satin, metal findings and elastic for it. I made the closure too! So here come all the details and the story of this bra.

The Story  I saw an all-lace unwired bra on Very Puprle Person's blog many months ago. And loved it. Who would not? It is so simple and so beautiful. I checked the pattern and found it includes a bra that has much different look and I liked it too. I love the simplicity in the lines, the retro look and the simple construction too! So I bought Merchwaerdigh BHS10 pattern to make them and decided to start with the simplest. I have not see an all-woven fabrics version of it and the white satin I had on the table looked the perfect fabric for…

Happy New Year! And Happy Satin Bra!

Happy New Year!  It is late February and I am late in wishing you a happy New Year for  both Jan 1st New Year and Chinese New Year, which started this month so hopefully not too late. I hope it brings us all many happy days in a fantastic year! Did you wear red this New Year? It is one of the traditional colours of Christmas and New Year in western world and the auspicious Chinese New Year colour too! Here in The traditional folklore wedding veil colour is red here in Bulgaria too! This is the only red set I have made so far. I am definitely making some for next New Year!

It is not the first year I start late here on the blog 
It is not the first time I start a new schedule. It is different this time though. It was almost two years ago when lots and lots of things changed and they the change has become routine since then. Thus I had to manage and fight or embrace it most of the time. I think I finally made it work in a manageable way so the blog is back and lots of new things are…

November! Sounds Like Holidays and Gifts!

November is a special month It is autumn officially, but here on the west cost of the Black Sea we still expect some warm summer days. Usually they get as warm as making a short sleeve absolutely appropriate and thus illustrate the Indian summer idea - summer amid autumn.I have not given up on this. Despite the early show we had last week.

Apart from all the natural magic - the colourful tree's foliage, the vivid blues of the sea and all the domesticity treats autumn brings, there is more.

It is the holiday season start and holiday shopping season now The moment you have to start shopping finally and get all these gifts you found year long or quickly come with all the choosing and buying all at once because holiday time is in about one month has come. Then comes decoration and gift-wrapping, and apparel planning and cuisine time fun... and holidays feel like a carousel - beautiful, interesting and exhausting. We end feeling like this more or less - excitement, fun and…

Flower Power on a Lingerie Set - for the Love of Flowers, Colours and Lace!

This summer is bringing me back to last summer memories and this beautiful set. It is a unusually cold summer - so green and fresh, and rainy... the red flower extravaganza pops in my mind as a memory of something from the past, while still something, I like on a gloomy day.

Back on the Blog! Back to "Normal" life?

Here is how this April looked a year after the last post. It seems this blog /and some major activities in my life/ have spent over a year in an on-and-off mode. April was actually the month which kind of started the recovery process for me. And my mom's tulips and David Asutin roses catalogues, plus my lovely customers orders helped a lot.

It is mid-July /or almost late actually. and I hope this stage is finally finished and "normal" life is back here again.

I am waiting the most gorgeous royal blue satin to air dry and I will start making a new style knickers with it, my garden is covered with colours and I have not been to the beach yet... This feels like a normal mid-July to me!

PS I live approximately 7km away from the sea and got used to admiring it from my balcony and postponing going to the beach for an amazingly vast array of reasons.

PPS You can now follow my blog with Bloglovin

Skiping months and flipping lace samples...

Skipping lots and loads of news and insights here is what is on my table now - lace!
I will be back with news and almost a year of pictures soon. I now have to say good buy to a cold and get back to sewing. So here are my little joys on lace form for the week!

Spring brought new lace samples and new projects for the newest laces here. And what a better way to get back to lingerie than lace!

So here is a glimpse and details follow!

Waking the blog up!

Hello! I am not quite sure anyone missed the blog after such a long break. It basically disappeared.
It wasn't an intentional break actually, but absolutely natural one. So many things happened in the last seven months, it feels like a year since I last post in late January.

To mention a few of the things that took place, a big moving of the studio plus completely reorganizing it, great reorganization of my work routine too, a well-deserved and still on-going shift to a bit calmer schedule, a short run-away to a colorful place I never though I will visit soon, and sewing many of these beauties shown above - the Jewel Bikini Style Knickers. Well, these are just some of the new things and I do enjoy each of them!

However I miss the blog, and the way it gives thought and plans a calmer and straight-forward manner. Well, I know this isn't obvious, but it works for me. I will dwell on organization/plans part in a separate post soon. I hope, I will manage to come back to the blog…