Last Minute Valentine's!

Hello February, hello Valentine's! Time is running so quickly! It is hard to believe we are already almost a month and a half in 2016!

Things are running quickly in the studio too! Daily schedules are getting a new spin and I am, well almost, comfortable with it now. So here is the latest progress: We have a newsletter! We have ready to ship knickers in the shop! We have bralettes in the making! And we have a last minute Valentine's gift option! How good is this?

All these news were in the newsletter yesterday, so I can reveal them on the blog today. You are invited to join the newsletter club by subscribing here and be the first to know what is new in the studio!

Need a last minute gift for this Sunday? Love to give bonboneva lingerie?

last minute made to order lingerie gift option

You can now order your preferred gifts and I will email you a card with the lingerie ordered.
You can then print it and give it. Or just show it on your mobile. It is a thoughtful gift and one that adds expectation to the holiday vibes.

Happy Thursday!

PS Oh, I forgot the ready to ship knickers are here. As always same styles available for made-to-order purchases with the alternation you would love to have!


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