Friday, 20 July 2018

Back on the Blog! Back to "Normal" life?

a typical spring table - tulips, lingerie packages and garden plannings extravaganza

Here is how this April looked a year after the last post. It seems this blog /and some major activities in my life/ have spent over a year in an on-and-off mode. April was actually the month which kind of started the recovery process for me. And my mom's tulips and David Asutin roses catalogues, plus my lovely customers orders helped a lot.

It is mid-July /or almost late actually. and I hope this stage is finally finished and "normal" life is back here again.

I am waiting the most gorgeous royal blue satin to air dry and I will start making a new style knickers with it, my garden is covered with colours and I have not been to the beach yet... This feels like a normal mid-July to me!

PS I live approximately 7km away from the sea and got used to admiring it from my balcony and postponing going to the beach for an amazingly vast array of reasons.

PPS You can now follow my blog with Bloglovin

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