How High a High Waist Should Be? Knickers-wise

I finished some lovely yellow high-waisted knickers this week. And they are a bit "shorter" than the ones that were added to the shop previously. I played with this today and tried to explain the difference visually:
bonboneva handmade lingerie high waist rise options visuals

So I am curious which height is your favourite.

Also, would you describe them as extra high waist and super high waist or something else?

If you create such visual hints yourself, what is your experience with them? I love visuals and hope these will explain the options clearly.

Wishing you a lovely new week and wish us good luck with the snow - the more functioning the city is tomorrow, the better.


  1. I love both variations and I am really glad the high waist is back! It's so sexy!

    1. Thank you! Feeling the same way as I love this style.

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