Wednesday, 17 February 2016

New Lacy Cheekies This Week!

There is something special about the Brazilian back knickers. I must have mentions here, but it is perfectly OK to state it again, and again, and again. So mucg difference due the right style!

They make a perfect back even better and if yours is not like the one on the active wear adds ... well, it will look almost the same way with a Brazilian back knickers! There is something special with the curve, and the less-than-usual coverage, that makes curves look really good in these!

new colour no-side-seams cotton and lace Brazilian back knickers in the shop today

So, this is why I am happy to have green cotton and lace no-side-seams cheekies in the shop today and salmon is coming in the shop tomorrow! See all Brazilian back knickers in the shop here.

Spring is in the air here - warm days, blue skies, blooming trees and lace knickers are about to conquer lingerie drawers!

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