Fuchsia Winter or Summer Disco - Bright Lingerie!

The winter fuchsia story

This winter lingerie colour here was fuchsia. It's а bold, vibrant, beautiful colour. As I promised, I am documenting the lingerie creation here and will fill the gap between the moment I started sewing lingerie and the start of this blog. I know this blog is a wee one. I know it has just pale, pastel lingerie pieces on it so far. However the pop of colour is something really important for me and Bonboneva and it has to be here as the first step of filling the gap.  Here is why:

These are some of the first pairs I sewed as part of a business. It was no longer homemade knickers for me, close family and friends. So I picked the fuchsia as the first winter colour to offer. It was January and the fuchsia was so obvious - gloomy days, grey skies, cozy knits... they just needed a splash of colour - a thing to make you smile first thing in the morning.

My granny sewed all her clothes. She taught me numerous things and techniques, including the perfect time to sew something - way before it's season has come. Thus the lace - winter luxury is a summer a must and January is the perfect time to start thinking of summer.

The summer update

So when summer was here, the winter knickers were feeling at home - great cheerful colour for under a flirty skirt or a classic pair of pants. Nothing fancy, nothing boring, just what I like - the elegance that makes a statement and a really gentle one too.

The bright lingerie thing

I added a few reds along the fuchsia this January - Valentine's day was coming. Having worn my red lingerie set this summer, I am finally and completely into bright lingerie. I know this was one of the reasons I started making lingerie, I know beautiful colours make great apparel and thus great lingerie too.

Still, knowing is so vague compared to the experience of wearing it. It does feel festive on a daily basis and it feels good. Feeling great and festive is so much better when "daily basis" comes with it! I absolutely love my bright sets and the fact, they are the ones that got the most of attention during the last 4 months, is something I love. It means bright pieces attract with their cheerfulness and ladies relate to this feeling.

One final note. If you like bright colours - shoes, handbags, scarfs, lips and lingerie are just some of the good uses of vibrant colour. And do not limit yourself to one! Just like lingerie - enjoy them all!  For me summer is the time to safely use it on your lips freely. It will not be too much in the bright sun, nor in a summer evening. This is last week's note to self actually -  red lip on the weekend and a fuchsia one at the moment. Equally nice and enjoyable. Happy summer!


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