Waking the blog up!

Bonboneva Jewel Bikini Style Knickers
Hello! I am not quite sure anyone missed the blog after such a long break. It basically disappeared.
It wasn't an intentional break actually, but absolutely natural one. So many things happened in the last seven months, it feels like a year since I last post in late January.

To mention a few of the things that took place, a big moving of the studio plus completely reorganizing it, great reorganization of my work routine too, a well-deserved and still on-going shift to a bit calmer schedule, a short run-away to a colorful place I never though I will visit soon, and sewing many of these beauties shown above - the Jewel Bikini Style Knickers. Well, these are just some of the new things and I do enjoy each of them!

However I miss the blog, and the way it gives thought and plans a calmer and straight-forward manner. Well, I know this isn't obvious, but it works for me. I will dwell on organization/plans part in a separate post soon. I hope, I will manage to come back to the blog, and the newsletter!, in a consistent manner this autumn. Meanwhile, welcome to Instagram where I share daily bits form time to time. Being the quickest of all communication means, I use, Instagram become my favourite single media this summer.


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