Skiping months and flipping lace samples...

Skipping lots and loads of news and insights here is what is on my table now - lace!
I will be back with news and almost a year of pictures soon. I now have to say good buy to a cold and get back to sewing. So here are my little joys on lace form for the week!

Spring brought new lace samples and new projects for the newest laces here. And what a better way to get back to lingerie than lace!

So here is a glimpse and details follow!

New laces include this pale dreamy pink one:

It will be paired with soft pastel pink cotton  - blush one.

... and stronger pink - bold fuchsia  - a vibrant colour! It will paired with fuchsia cotton.

Also a softer but vivid pink, I have already worked with, so you can see the beauty of lace when sewn together. These little flowers will be paired with pink cotton from the cotton samples picture above.

Finally black and white laces, that will be paired with same colours. Just to start with. No matching drama here at all.

The black one is very interesting one. I love the unusual boldness of this lace pattern.

It will replace this one - another really interesting lace by the way:

And the white one is really delicate and has beautiful texture:

It is quite different from my last spring favourite which is denser and really beautiful too!
I loved this one whn I saw it, I just had to take picture of it over my purse as it was a minute time to get it in my phone and the yellow-white combo plus the funny situation made it even more special to me.

Finally, the red lace I love from previous project and will be on my table this spring too:

These red flowers actually have col undertone, as seen here. They will be paired with red-burgundy viscose fabric.

If you love lace stories like I do, maybe you will interested to know, the selection here is result of the wonderful choices a young lady made.I am blessed with stylish customers! Yay!

PS I will be showing laces in other colours  next month!Thanks to last year studio trasformation I enjoy the everyday now. Well, when I am in the studio and not drinking tea at home.


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