A blog! Come and join Bonboneva's blog!

It is official! I am into lingerie design and sewing!
So finally, here is the place I will keep my lingerie journey documented.
Welcome to Bonboneva blog! Have a cup of tea, or coffee!, and enjoy your visit here!

handmade lingerie - pile of summer knickers by Bonboneva lingerie
With time, I will bring all the earlier moments, documented elsewhere, here. And all the current luscious fabrics, delicate laces, drawing moments and lingerie creation will find a home here. I will try to keep it sweet. Because a brand with a "bonbon" in it name just has to be tasteful!

If you like seeing how things come together and make a finished object, like I do, you might like to see how this place grows too. It has a long way to go, being brand new! Thank you for joining the journey!


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