The latest lingerie set

Here is the first lingerie set that passed the tests! A special moment - Bonboneva summer bra!

My favorite self-drafted knickers got a matching bra also drafted by me. It is not the first bra I have drafted, but the previous ones are is still under tweaking, mostly because they were  started in colder part of the year and thus addressed a winter lingerie drawer.

For this bra I kept some lace around closure - a thing I experimented once and loved so much, I added even to bras that were sewn months ago too. The back is really low, the underarm - summery low, and the straps - the classic ones - with a strong back band base. The cup - I would make a variation with a lower cup some day, but this is pretty much a demi  one. No wires here on the pictures - I love soft bras. As always it is wires-ready, so this can be done if I change my mind.

Mentioning my favorite knickers, I realized these were never presented here. I will fix this soon. You can see the summery - blush, coral and blue ones in the shop.


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