April Overview - Lovely, Busy and Blogless Month

It is officially spring! The city is all green and my little garden is covered with blooms. I think this one little sentence /the previous one/ needs two different blog posts. I will give you a picture instead for now - my bougainvillea blooming below a pelargonium.

bougainvillea and pelargonium sharing a wall in my little city garden

Satin is hot in the shop and cotton is hot on my sewing table. I enjoyed adding the little bows to some knickers traveling to some of my favourite places on Earth /and ones I have not visited yet/. So I can call it a nice month, thinking about April.

adding a little hand tied satin ribbon bow to satin knickres

The dynamic style of all things happening at the same time is still the main stream here. I suppose it will be like this for a month more, at least.

And once again I am promising myself to get this blog going. Hopefully for the last time. I know I did it sooo many times. Yet this last years is very busy one for my family so not getting enough time to get the pictures out of the camera and on the computer... well it is something expected actually. And who writes a picture-less blog post? Thank you Instagram for keeping some current pictures available!

See you soon!

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