Being Busy and Doing Nothing for a While - Sew, Pause and Bloom

This title feel like Eat, Love, Pray... but this is the shortest recap of the week so I will keep it and will enjoy it. Well sewing goes first and takes most of the time, but I have no picture of it, thus the order.


I spent some hours waiting two months ago. Had almost the same experience today -  2+ hours: doing nothing, ticking tasks done in my journal, planing the next week, making a new activity two weeks plan ... for a total of 5 minutes ....  and doing nothing again. As this was a planned waiting "session", I could had taken a book with me. Or a sketchbook. I hadn't and had nothing to do. It felt good again. In a strange but positive way.


Spring seems to be the season of positive things... roses are blooming outside, roses are growing in my garden, cutting are rooting too. I discovered a small beautiful hidden garden very close to my studio and will try to spend some time there this month. And my small garden is about to be in full bloom soon.

my little upper city garden blooming


This week will be a no-newsletter one. Special orders are on their way, sewing and cutting tables covered with fabric, pieces and different stages of the projects. I took almost no pictures while working on them. The ones taken stay in the camera - I have 2 /two!!!/ pictures moved to the computer this May. Both coming from... Instagram.

I am spending my time sewing, walking, gardening /basically spending less than 10 minutes a few times a day in my mini garden/... and mentioning gardening... I realize now, I forgot the new rose cutting on the table... with no water. Despite the fact I cut them after doing everything else so they could stay minimum time with no water.

I hope I will see you soon here. Hopefully with some pictures of the things here. On to saving the rose cuttings now!


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