High-waisted Knickers Love - Satin and Mesh Knickers!

high-wasited knickers - satin and mesh
I think I started a post like this earlier this year, I suppose this spring... It got lost this summer before publishing it. And I am in love again, as it is cold again.

There is something about them, that makes me love them. I am not sure if it's the retro vibe or the soft beige-ecru details. I do know how good very high waist feels in cold weather /and this is a very high waist - if you wear them with a matching bra, they will look like a bodysuit together/. Especially with all these low cut pants and jeans being almost always really low cut. If you have dynamic days and/or spent hours outside...  you will appreciate the warmth and protection they give. Well, I do love these high-waisted knickers in cold weather. Chilly mornings by the sea are more beautiful when you are warm.

high-wasited knickers - satin and mesh

I am not wearing satin most of the time though - I do prefer natural fibers. Still Christmas, holidays and winter like satin. So I made sure they are in the shop this autumn. I will be adding cotton and mesh ones later this winter - ready for spring.You can find some cotton ones now too - a bit different that these and really comfy too.
high-wasited knickers - satin and mesh

Do you like high waist in underwear? Why? I have a few reason, I will share later this month! Not telling now so you can share yours.

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