Roses and Social Media This Christmas. Plus Cookies!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope yours was lovely. Ours was. It was spring this Christmas - green herbs in my mother's garden, roses blooming there /and by the sea/, winter coats on vacation during the holiday weekend as it was so warm, autumn jackets did all well.

I can't remember Christmas with blooming roses except this one, nor me wearing a summer blouse and wool shawl on this day. But enough for the weather. It was so nice to be warm and sunny, but this was just one good thing among all. Our Christmas tree was up on Christmas Eve and we spent the last hours of it baking loads and loads of cookies! It was fun! We left the table like this - lots of options for Santa Claus. The tradition is to leave the table for Mother Mary, but Santa Clause is more than welcome!

And I spent the day after Christmas making sure bonboneva is getting some new places for the spring lingerie and it has some more now! Plus, I spent some time today working on the new labels.

And to make things even better... It didn't feel rigth to actually work and get the prices back to their normal value - so the 50% sale is still on! Last chance if you have liked something on the shop!

Merry Christmas!


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