Shop at Half Prices Now! Everything in the Shop Till Christmas!

Ta- da! Bonboneva lingerie is at half price till Christmas /or till the knickers in the shop last/!

All prices are marked 50% down! Choose you knickers and get them before Valentines day! Before Christmas, after the big Christmas shopping, well before Valentine's so they could arrive in time. Isn't it great?

I was considering a sale like this for Christmas, but the atelier was too busy to handle sale orders and send them on time for Christmas, so we are doing it now for Valentine's Day!

It is bitter sweet right now, but this is life! My little shop has few sales yet and it received a bad review. The worse thing is, I could not help the customer to be happy with their purchase as they are traveling, I suppose. However this experience was a lesson for me - people need to know what we offer.

So to help more people discover the beauty and quality of bonboneva lingerie, we offer it at half price for a limited time - till Christmas. Save on shipping offer is is still available and you do not need to contact the shop prior purchase or enter a coupon code to get it - it is incorporated in the shop and charges you for shipping just one item no matter how many you order.

Happy holidays!


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