Daily /To-/do-s Escape on March 8th

I can hardly realize it is Wednesday today. Such a short /fast/ week again. Someone mentioned thoughts about stress yesterday - life might be stressful or not, depends on training and attitude, still weeks that feel like days do feel weird. We run through days, and weeks, and years.... and lives.

Blooming March - trees bloominig as eearly as February this year

Having lived in a communist country as a kid, I was used to carnations and freesias on March 8th - the women's day; carnations when you have to give and freesias for the loved ones. Funny but it was a rule  everyone new and no one mentioned. And I never felt it like one. It was mother's day for me, although it has special day of it is own. March the 8th - the day we celebrated the women in the family. So the day never included something special but the usual gratitude and love in my life. A flower or two to give and receive and its all done. I just don't believe one day can make a year, so I prefer to live the year a bit more like it is a holiday and obviously and intently make the "holiday" much more like an average day.

I spent most of this same day yesterday waiting for a treatment. Hours by an window, watching the doves. I knew, I will wait three hours if I am lucky. They turned to be four. I spent the first twenty minutes planning three major personal activities and schedule bonboneva lingerie collections for 2016. I had my journal with me. And, again, it turned out twenty minutes are plenty. I will be adding more lingerie types and more variety this summer.

Bonboneva Brazilian knickers - 9 of many styles and colours

I had no book with me, as I had my eyes really tired two weeks ago and they have just recovered. So three and a half hours doing nothing. Haven't done this in many months. It was a bus ride last time. I remember the feeling then - five hours exotic day spa - watching the nature, the trees and skies moving outside the window for hours. I called it day spa actually. Took more than five hours all together and the day was almost gone.

It is kind of scaring how things like this happen. I have the option of moving working hours around the clock, enjoy daily walks and the sea when I like /I need spare time, but now real traveling - it is 15minutes car ride or a bit more than an hour walking/. I know it is a blessing and I embrace it. Still three hours of nothing feel so exotic. I have mastered ticking to-dos and creating new ones in no tine. Time flies and every spare minute is filled in a second.

The March sea - - lamost no grass yet and the brilliant blue already

Do you relate to these fast days and unexpected escapes feelings?
How do you centre your days and life?

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