Hello March!

How was your leap day? Did you feel it as a present?
Each day is one!

the way a martenitza is tied to a tree when ones sees the first spring bird

Today is not only the first day of a new month but the "Baba Marta Day"in Bulgaria too. It is the day everyone gives and receives a "martenitza"- small accessory made of twisted white and red threads /looks like bakers twine, but twisted by hand :)/ and decorations /traditionally tassels and their variations/. It is worn on the lapel, as a necklace, and most commonly, on the wrist /like the red threads people wear elsewhere/. "Baba" is the Bulgarian word for "granny" and Baba Marta is a nice old lady coming to bring health and happiness - wishing people to be white and red - healthy - like the mathenitza.

As my leap day was another full and hectic day, I started today making martenitzas. Not even in time, but still on the day!

martenitzas for March 1st
Here the ones for clasmates - simple, no decorations, no extras - pure love.

I will tell you more on the lingerie taking shape here tomorrow.
I will now go and prepare the weekly newsletter that will be out tomorrow. So if you would like to get it in your inbox tomorrow, go and subscribe for it now!

Wishing you the best of health on Baba Marta Day!


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