Hello Holidays and Hooray for Long Weekends!

I am in the mood of welcoming lately. We had the first of March and the welcoming of Baba Marta, a "normal day" and than the National holiday yesterday, welcoming the national pride and countries beauty /somehow this is the essence of the day mostly/ and today it is the second day of a four-days weekend!

The trees are bloming, violets are covering meadows and parks... ob those sunny days among the foggy ones... it is lovely spring time!

early, early spring here - everything bloming

So hooray for celebrating, spring, nation's  and country's virtues and the beauty of having time with family and friends!

The unusual week changed the weekly routine here, so the weekly newsletter will be out today.
I will go on drawing as no sewing will take place today and will get ready for the sewing next week.


How is you Friday going? Wishing you a productive and happy day today!

PS Tale the chance and sign up for bonboneva newsletter today!
Just in time for the next email with news and studio insides going out today!


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