Disco Craze in the Lingerie Drawer. Because Even the Most Stylish Lady is a Crazy Happy Girl Too!

The craziest fabric so far - black, rainbow, velvet and sparkling

I saw this fabric while looking for something else. It was bold and strange and.. so unstylish - black, velvet, rainbow and sparkles... definitely not a thing a lady would choose. It had nothing to do with sophisticated, elegant or statement. Not in the good sense at least. It lucked the subtle delicacy of powder, blush, cream and all the lady-like tones you can think of. It hasn't the character and boldness of a true red or stylish blue, nor the classic of pure black. Not even the modern look of mustard, lime or noble grey... black with velvet and a rainbow of sparkles... so... decadent.

Crazy lingerie - a rainbow of sparkles on your knickers by bonboneva

And I passed on them. But it had left an imprint in my mind so I got what I was for and then bough a bit of this fabric. Why? A saw disco lights, a bit primitive but glorious colour, the lights dancing on the sea waves on a summer night and the sparkles of a kids' kaleidoscope, so I was giving it a try.

I saw a woman taking off here elegant clothes and dancing in comfy cotton knickers and a favourite light shirt with the music she loves after a long busy day and before a lovely evening.

a rainbow of sparkles on your knickers by bonboneva

The fabric came with me - just for a test sewing - and got piled with other make-later-this-summer sewing projects fabrics. When I got to it and saw it sewn I decided to make some soft bras and knickers sets. The fabric was all gone however. Someone/s/ has bought all of it. I think it was for the kaleidoscope part!

Crazy rainbow knickers with velvet swirls by bonboneva lingerie

So just knickers /and just a few too/ are in the shop now. They will be sewn just for you in your size and measures as always. However in limited quantity. It is just the test metres.

Get them if you like them! Be happy and dancing and allow them remind you how crazy you are inside, under the refined manners and stylish look. The vibrant selves we hide so often glow quietly under, and despite, everything. Or because of it! And they glow more beautifully if allowed to go on the outside. Sometimes.

Wishing you a great business week and a fantastic weekend!

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