Quick October Update

I hope your last week of October was great. Mine wasn't. I will briefly sum it up here and hopefully get back to you tomorrow with a newsletter. If you haven't subscribed to it yet, do it now as all holiday deals will get published on the newsletter! I think they will be newsletter exclusive.

white roses on October day

This week's newsletter got skipped, as we lost my granddad and it was impossible to get all things done and have my thought on a newsletter. I had great and exciting holiday news to share. However most of them felt so inappropriate at the very moment.

On a brighter note - orders are getting prepared as usually. They now get new little tags too.

bonboneva new little tags

It felt a bit strange at first but I started working on my new products today too. Sewing feels good with all the beautiful lace and fabric I usually work with...

Well, this is the brief last week of October recap. See you in November!

PS  The Halloween sale is still in the shop, so if you have pirates on your list, go and check it. Do not forget to subscribe for the newsletter to get special holiday deals!


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