Hello Satin French Knickers!

There is something magical about French knickers. Have you noticed it? It might be the casual feel, it might be the comfort, or the special retro vibes... They speak "feeling good in one's skin", and looking good too! Wear them while sleeping and be embraced by the air. Wear them while relaxing and feel even more beautiful, wear them under skirt and let the wind play with it - you will be covered, or enjoy the lace edge showing by accident - such a  great romantic detail... Which other style can offer all of these?

So here they are - the satin ones - trimmed with gorgeous Italian lace.
Satin French knickers trimmed with Italian lace by bonboneva lingerie Christmas collection

This lace is gorgeous - deep colour, vivid texture, soft material. Italians do know the recipes of a lovely lace! This is wхy I work mostly with Italian lace and fabric. I have seen so many beautiful lace samples and not all of them are soft enough to deserve becoming part of a lingerie piece. Beauty is not enough, soft touch is a must!

So I decided to use the same gorgeous lace with all beautiful shades of satin I have. You can see the palette below and I am so happy the grey lace looks great with each of them! So the knickers are available in 12 more colours! Pink named Pink Sapphire is omitted below.
satin fabrics palette autumn 2016 bonboneva lingerie atelier

To make it even more colour specific, as I do know how important colour is, the bow colour is up to you! I will add a bow in a colour that is special to you.  I will help you with options if choosing the colour is not your think or will surprise you if you prefer this.

I was a bit unsure which of the beautiful colours to choose for the start. This navy one spoke autumn to me - it is dark, so to contrast skin getting less sun and getting paler. It has enough character too - not the classic, but also predictable black, and still real class.
Satin French knickers trimmed with Italian lace by bonboneva lingerie Christmas collection - detail

I was cutting black satin for another lingerie piece so black ones were born.

Satin French Knickers in Black and grey lace by bonboneva lingerie
There is one thing I am not sure of, which ones I love more - the cotton satin ones with no lace, or the ones I just showed you with this intricate lace. Fortunately I have both styles. So I will see.

Do you like lace on a sleeping French knickers pair? What are you drawn to - cotton or the sparkling, satin shown here?

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