October News - Rains and Couture Sleeping Sets, plus French Knickers!

I would better post here before it is Christmas! I know, it has been a while. I will tell you more about the summer, the sea, the summer things generally soon. I only need to finish the Christmas collection. Or it will most likely the Holiday Season collection actually - so many holidays around the world... so many good things to happen!

Let me show you the rain we had this last week - three days, for hours each time; sometimes twice a day for extra rainy pleasure... It did rain cats and dogs at least once a day. Grey skies, noisy falling water and green, green trees... Strange time and  nice time to have a cup of tea and hand stitch or draw actually, or knit... . I will some day. Busy drawing, sewing lingerie now! Well, the rain:

/I had to remove the video as it did not show correctly./

It is a short video, but you can feel and hear the amount of water the sky poured over us... The sea was behind tons of water and I saw just water in the air for all the distance from here to the sea. No surprise as the longets distance one could see through the rain was less than half a kilometre actually.

In the meantime the shop is getting festive - French knickers and Sleeping/Lounging Sets are in the shop! And it is only the beginning, I promise!

It is a good beginning though, these are so luxurious - fine finishes, all seams French, soft fabric, classic style, modern colours, romantic too.

Bonboneva Festive French KnickersSleeping /Lounging Set in cotton satin
Love the soft delicate beauty of these colours and the gentle fabric - pure cotton satin.
Do tell me which is you favourite colour please!

Bonboneva Festive French Knickers collection in cotton satin
I am trying to add more colours and would love to start from what you like best and grow the colour palette around these colours first.

Shiny satin ones /knickers and sets/ will be the next addition so stay tuned!

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Happy October!


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