Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Change? Changed the Journal and I think I will Change the Blog too

I might change my blogging perspective and blog more often, while using less words and keeping to the most interesting/remarkable things of the day. So here is the first try - short and true to the day! 

I visited a small office shop after sending some customers' orders today and my bullet journal has some bells and whistles now! As I said, I am not feeling like drawing/decorating there, and I need it strictly for organizations, so bars and highlight are essential - I ticked them done today without even planning them - the perfect planing! And the bullets on the picture are what I had planned for tomorrow this early afternoon when I took the picture. Also added ribbon for the first time, as a reduced tickness effort, as I place cards otherwise. 

adding extras to bullet journal to make it faster to use

The little bars are transparent, which I really like.

Oh, and I planned lot of new lingerie pieces again! As January tasks are almost done now, big sewing is about to begin!

Other than that I was busy ticking tasks done today! Love this!

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