Expect the Unexpected! And Getting Social

First business day of the year - new designs to be made, orders to be completed, tasks and errands... that turn into traveling the city with public transport on a veeery snowy morning while the city was almost blocked, walking on some narrow snow-covered streets, moving piles /almost tons of snow/ on a parking lot /so it could function after all/, making tea and pancakes to celebrate the surprise no-school day, drinking yesterday's spicy warm wine remands /after a good hydration after all these snowy activities/ ... and preparing some last-minute new pattern pieces.

Well, plans are the things, you think you were supposed to fulfill, while life happens.

And while most visual outcomes of the day are still secret, or not documented at all, here is the little /social/ something of the day:

Find it on Instagram and Twitter.

Yay! We have both of them now! @BonevaAtelier
Come over and say hello!

It was a nice day after all! And it is snowing again!
Hope yours was a good one too!


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