The Favourite Satin Knickers Are Going Pink!

These are one of the shop's stars. At first I was surprised people like them so much. But I soon realized it is the softness of same color allover and the look of satin that I love so much and maybe other people find this appealing too. Or I might be wrong.

pink satin knickers by bonboneva in the shop now!

Going pink is something I am happy to offer for this style now /they will be in the shop later today/. The soft, romantic, yet classic colour that is not girly, nor harsh. I am not really into pinks. Maybe because some girls are I think punished, to wear mostly it and I think it is fair to explore and wear all colours - lingerie-wise too.

Still pink is a beautiful colour - soft and soothing, one that offers tranquility, oh and reminds of rose quartz, I just have to mention one the colours of the year colours. Well, it is a joke! No matter what the colour trends are telling us, this is a beautiful colour. However if you are not into pinks, like me, this colour-of-the-year thing could be a good reason /or excuse/ to give it a try for a change.

Like them and not mind telling me why? Please do so!
You will help a small independent studio and this is always a good thing to do.

Not liking them - tell me too, please! It is equally helpful.

Happy Friday evening Europe! And happy Friday/weekend for the rest of the world!


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