Busy Short Days, Making Knickers, Cutting Cards

Here in Bulgaria, the holiday seasons ends today - starting with some christian holidays, centered around Christmas and New Year, Epiphany /yesterday/ and St John's Day today / called Joan, which is pronounced joan/ close it. With the snowy. windy, frosted city on Monday and the ice covering most of the city during the two days, the transition "back-to-normal" wasn't seamless. The weather made lots of things more difficult /or sometimes impossible/ so more time was needed this week to catch up with what was lost on this blocked Monday. Thus my week got overwhelmed and my to do lists got some items with no ticks and the blog got neglected. I did not even bring my camera with me - avoiding distraction. All the snow, rain, fogs, lights... I could take pictures of in the limited time...

On the bright side - I got my new tags and cards printed today and some knickers are in the making in different stages of completion. So... I am getting closer to adding bras to the shop!

new tags and cards for bonboneva shop

As always, I cut the cards myself. It is kind of traditional ritual here - an active rest, that cools down thought and produces beautiful piles of cards. They are now ready for packing ceremony!

See you tomorrow with some lingerie pictures, hopefully!


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