What Could Be Better than Fuchsia? Even More Fuchsia!

Happy Monday!

For me it was an interesting day with great variety of activities -  to name a few - releasing the car form the ice that had been holding it tight today, spending the day in one of my most favourite warm shawls - tied like a Dutch lady! Loving this! Makes cold days charming and warm. Also I made some pasta, the traditional Italian way! And these beauties are now in the shop! Fuchsia!

The knickers on the pictures are some of my very favourite ones and I am so happy they are now available as a set - two variations of same gorgeous satin and different sides!

There is something very special about this vibrant color - it is not girly, not exactly feminine - it is joyful, cheerful, energetic colour and screams how happy a colour could be.

Last month, I happened to buy a fuchsia lip colour while I thought I was buying something red - a cool raspberry red, I thought. I've never regretted it. The energy in this colour is so powerful, yet refined. If you are interested in colours and energy, you might know, fuchsia /and pink/ are the highest vibration of red - the one that comes after blue /in rainbow, vibration frequency and energy/. So while being as powerful as primary and first level response red, these have nothing primary - they are superior by nature. Energy-wise. (:

Did I mention, that with the promo code in the shop, the set cost below close to $50 including shipping? I am not into mentioning prices, but this is a deal!

OK, now I have to go back to the kitchen again and make some spinach pies for tomorrow.


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