First Lingerie Pack! Lace Cheeky Brazilian Back Knickers Duo

Bundling products is fun. Getting multiples of something you love feels good and piling lingerie is a good thing do. So... the first bundle is in the shop. It does need a prettier name /for pack/bundle part and itself/.

baby blue cotton lacy back Brazilian back cheeky knickers

Remember these, well they are the ones in the fisrt pack.

baby pink cotton lacy back Brazilian back cheeky knickers

Combined price is lower than buying them separately and the shop-opening promo code is still active, so you can get them for less than $43 now! And with the shipping deal on the shop  - they will cost no more than $51 including shipping, depending on your location.

Mentioning prices is not my thing usually, but with combined deals and Valentine's coming, why not?
Look at the embroidered mesh lace! Loving it! Looks great on a cheeky Brazilian style like this.

baby blue cotton lacy back Brazilian back cheeky knickers - the lace!

On a tru-to-the-day blogging note, I was completely in real world today and had no idea what virtual reality and email were doing until after 7pm. A good thing to do sometimes. Especially while checking lists done and ticking taking-care-for-self activities of the day.


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