Pinup Knickers Time Today - Retro is Good!

A new pair of pinup-style knickers was born today. I cut the pieces for it last year and projects, orders and life happened in a manner, that make them wait until today.

Love the yellow satin and the delicate ecru mesh combo!

new retro pinup panties in satin and mesh in the making today
It is a pity, it was such a dark day today, I could not take pictures of them. So here is the humble picture I managed to take by the window when adding their bows. The yellow is vibrant! Such a happy colour! Hopefully I will have some pictures and these lovelies in the shop tomorrow.

They feel much more retro than the satin knickers in the shop and although I did not like this style at first, I am in love now.

Wishing you a lovely, bright, happy weekend!

PS Mentioning my esty shop here, have you though of opening your own shop on Etsy?
If so, here is a link for you to do it and get 40 free listing credits to settle your shop for free!
If you use it to open a new shop, we will both get a 40 listings credit.

Good luck - some of the best things in life are created in a moment and this could be yours!


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