Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New Year!

It came! December was such a hectic month here and I suppose most of us felt it like this - time to finish and time to prepare for a new start, finishing a month, preparing a party and getting ready for fulfilling next month' /and year'/ plans.

Bonboneva's choice ofr Valnetine lingerie taht proved to be Pantones'choice for 2016's colours too

I will write on my December later this month and leave this post for the wishes. I spent the last few days of 2015 preparing for 2016 and a lot of new things will happen here. So back to the wishes!

Be healthy, happy, inspired, successful and inspiring in 2016!

Do you best growing and dreaming and make sure you do not over-plan but act promptly instead. It works better for most people!

Wishing these to you, wishing same to me and bonboneva! Happy 2016!

PS The knickers above are a happy coincident or as old books call it /"they proved it simultaneously and independently" LOL/ - my choice of Valentine colours that proved to be the colours of 2016 according to Pantone, as announced a month after these knickers had been drawn and fabrics had been bought. You can find them in the shop!

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