Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Big Planning - Bullet Journal 2016 Here

Have you heard that

when big new-year parties come to an end, big planning starts? 

my new old journal that happened to be known as bullet journal

Well, my planning went bigger this January with the fancy name "bullet journal". I have used the same thing but in a self-drafted fashion for many years - something I have come with over the years. Until this week, when it got fancier. This post is not lingerie themed one, but trust me - lingerie plans grew with the things written down here.

OK - back to the point - why planning big? 

December was about preparing and celebrating  - if you write down what you have to do, you know - it was planning, checking, ticking... all-month-long and with more lists than usual - gifts, decos, etc... First days of January - the party and all the after parties sprinkled with some resolutions have gone and then...  the big planning season! Yearly goals and tasks, monthly break down, January and February schedules if you are lucky /or further planing if you are not LOL/.

I keep truck of all things to be get done writing 

journals, journals, journals.. some fo the old ones and a new one

and do it the old-fashioned way - ink/pen and paper. I have a little library of plans and lists. Literally. But it wasn't until the day before yesterday when I found out the system I am using is my version of bullet journaling! Thank you Svetla, for sharing your bullet journal picture /and the name/! It takes so little to learn something new most of the time. World is moving simultaneously in parallel personal universes and this picture is one more thing to document the fact!

Surprisingly other people are doing same things

This felt really good. Many, many people do what I do and almost the same way too:
  • draw charts to track the path of inviting new habits and good thing in their lives in a very straight-forward and positive no-pressure manner /even naming them similarly/.
  • migrate tasks and prioritize using the very same graphic symbols,
  • cross, what they no longer want, write big, what they invite.
  • break big goals in small steps and enjoy each and every one of them.
The thing I am not usually doing and was tempting when I saw the "bulet journal" explained,  but resisted at first was

starting a new journal with the start of the year.

I usually start a new journal when the old is all full. They come one after another and I have no problem with this - I want them detailed but light-weight, so everything else is not so important.

Well, I started a new journal finally so I could adopt the things, I have not used before:
(i)   index
(ii) future log 

(i) I never felt the need of an index as I can take a look at my library and find a phone number written somewhere in there in May 2012 in 2 minutes - proved last week under pressure, or at least will be still able until I forget which cover contains which months/year, which is something I /surprisingly/ do for now. Still I am giving it a try mainly for typography reasons for now and to have monthly workload comparison at a glance on the index pages.

the future log, I liked so much on a bullet journal

(ii) The Future Log is the thing, I loved. I used to make different plans for different spheres - they are now all together. Will see how it goes, but I suppose it will help me plan less workload while keeping productivity, which will give me more free time. I have to squeeze all the things /home, work, supplies, orders, weekends, blogs, social, etc./on much smaller space.Yay, I know this isn't the planning goal in most case, however I am pretty interested in this aspect precisely.

I also found people get very creative with their journals 

using printing, scrap-booking, washy-taping, drawing.... Well, not my thing, I will rather draw, or paint, or make lingerie, and keep the journal perfectly boring visually /and as checked, as possible/. It is a mere organizational tool for me for now. Maybe because I have drawing pads and paper and so on to amuse myself with.

For now, the upgrade - new journal, some more sections - works fine. And this post starts the organizational thread on the blog, I suppose.

Do you have your tasks on a processor somewhere, or on paper? 

Why? And how? 

See you tomorrow!

PS If you miss the lingerie, you can see it here.

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